Have you ever feel like not in the mood for doing anything, cause all you can see was no HOPE?

Doesn’t mean to be a pessimist but you know, sometimes when you do your best, and hope for things going better (at least) but nothing’s change (even goes worse), I’ve got that kinda feeling.

Not good though, but all I can say is: I AM TIRED (WITH ALL OF THIS STUFF). I know everybody’s got their own problems. But why it looks like “it wouldn’t be change, no hope” in my case? I mean it, really.

It doesn’t mean that I’ve got no faith. But, to be honest, that’s how I feel. I couldn’t lie to myself.

With all of those achievements, and a good marks, and.. Whatever it is, I only got one wish..

I just want being NORMAL

Like a Wolf

Maybe some of you have been heard about this story..

"There’s a shepherd whom his sheep always been a victim of a wolf. That wolf always craving for this shepherd’s sheep. A white, fat and beautiful sheeps.

One day, the shepherds found out that his sheep were gone, reduced in number. He couldn’t afford it anymore, so he made a trap for this wolf.

He took a sword, and he stained it with chicken’s blood. He stained it by the brush and make a couple of layer with its blood.

He waited for the first layer dry, and then he put the blood for the second layer, till he think that’s enough to “invite” that wolf. He put that sword in the middle of the land, where he used to graze his sheeps.

Although It was a winter, the wolf came along and smell the blood itself. It comes greedily and starts to licking the sword. It said “wow, such a yummy one!” While it didn’t realized that its tongue is bleeding too by the sharpness of the sword.

It licked again and again, greedily. While the chicken’s blood is gone, replaced with the wolf’s blood that came out from its tongue.

And when it realized, it was too late because it already sprawl and died, losing its blood too much.

Don’t be a greedy person that you could be die by your ego